Hickory Pointe project nears completion

Apartments on Quincy's southeast side nearing finish as crews fight elements and "historic" snowstorm of winter 2011

Snow Fun or Snow Problem?

Crews from Dale Koontz Builder and their partner subcontractors continue to move along with work on the 7th and final building at the Hickory Pointe apartment complex at 45th and State in Quincy.  Recent snowfall of nearly 20" proved to be only a minor delay to the work that has been going on since the start of the year.  When the current 6 unit building is complete, the complex will be home to 46 units - each with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and an attached 1 car garage.

"Our tenants have been very happy with their places" reports Scott Koontz, Managing Member for Koontz Properties and co-owner of Dale Koontz Builder.  "They tell us all the time how pleased they are with the utility bills - very reasonable in both winter and summer".

The Koontz Builder crew has been responsible for the construction of 82 rental units that are owned and managed by sister company Koontz Properties.  More information is available about rentals at www.koontzproperties.com.