Longevity. Consistency. Experience

Sharing thoughts on our long term employees and the reasons that they stay with us - and the benefit that brings to our homeowners.

Longevity.  Experience.  Consistency.  Or,  “How a 37 year old company still employs a carpenter that started with it on day 1.”

On the Dale Koontz Builder team we are proud to say that we have 6 people working for us that have 15 or more years of service with our company.  We think it says something about our company, and about the kind of people that work for us.  We think it shows that we value our employees and that they feel valued by their employer – a cycle of mutual benefit.

What do we offer our staff that entices them to stay?  We offer a competitive wage and top-notch benefits including paid vacation, company health insurance and a 401K plan.  Perhaps more importantly, though, we offer our employees the chance to work for 52 weeks each year.  This is not a given in the construction industry – but at Dale Koontz Builder we make every effort to keep all of our staff busy all year round.

In the company’s history we have not ever had to lay off staff due to lack of work.

The kind of people that are working for us are honest, hardworking people.  The kind of guys that pride themselves in putting in serious effort.  Day after day.  Year after year.  Their commitment to consistent effort and continuous improvement compels us to keep rewarding them.

And the cycle continues.